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Real Estate Attorneys Supporting Clients with Real Estate Transactions in Nebraska

"A man complained that on his way home to dinner he had every day to pass through that long field of his neighbor's. I advised him to buy it, and it would never seem long again." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since before the founding of our great republic, the possession and development of land has been a hallmark of personal success and family standing. A person with ambition can never have enough land. Individual ownership of land is a foundational aspect of our American democracy. Land development is a vital part of the expansion of our national economy, and prudent investment in real estate is an important aspect of lifelong asset allocation.

Witte Law Office offer sophisticated and practical solutions for clients with real estate law issues. We have the deal-making skills to help in a complex land deal. We can help tenants trapped in unexpected situations. Real estate law is one of the oldest and most complex areas of the tradition of the common law in America. You need a team of attorneys ready to dig deep in support of your real estate interests. Call Witte Law Office now at (402) 467-5080.


Real estate law is a distinct and intricate area of law stretching back to the Middle Ages. A plot of land and a snug home is synonymous with family, yet many homeowners and investors alike embark on transactions without counsel. Don't sit back and hope for the best. You need help to protect your rights in what is likely one of your most valuable, dearest investments. We help you protect your family home and farm. We stand with you when facing important investment decisions. We know the way to protect your property for your children and grandchildren. Call us at (402) 467-5080.

We help our clients with their legal issues involved in purchasing and owning land, from single family homes to residential complexes, from commercial developments to family farms. You may need help evicting a tenant who refuses to pay rent. You may need to foreclose on a uncollected loan. Like kind exchanges can help take out the tax sting. Perhaps you need to quiet title for an anticipated sale, or need to partition property to distribute the proceeds fairly.

It is very important to examine your documents closely. You should not rely on forms purchased on the internet or in box stores to protect your interests in large transactions.
You should consult an attorney before entering into any agreement involving your rights in real estate. Misunderstandings and costly family disputes can often be avoided by proper drafting of Deeds, land sale agreements, and Trust Deeds.
When buying or selling real property, you should get the advantage of legal counsel. A realtor is not an alternative to legal advice, and there are advantages to working with the assistance of a real estate attorney when you buy or sell with or without an agent. So when legal knowledge of the complexities of your case matter, you should consult a trained real estate attorney. Call Witte Law Office at (402) 467-5080.


The attorneys at Witte Law Office are experienced in representing clients in real estate matters in county and district courts all over Nebraska. We offer free initial consultations. When facing decision that could affect your ownership in what is one of your most precious possessions, you cannot afford to proceed without sound advice.

As legislative actions continually affect property interests, you need an attorney experienced in the law related to your real estate interests. We can help. Call (402) 858-2095.