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Witte Law Office Can Help You

You are visiting Witte Law Office because you need legal help. We help people like you who face crucial legal issues. The decision to hire an attorney, and which law firm you choose, may change the course of your life. For more than 25 years, attorney Glen Witte has served the people of Lincoln and the entire state of Nebraska. The experienced and talented team at Witte Law Office take pride in our community spirit and in how we represent our clients' interests in a variety of specialty practice areas:

Planning for Your Future, Protecting the Elderly and the Bereaved

We help our clients pass on their property to their loved ones. We draft Wills, Power of Attorneys and Trusts to protect our clients' hard-won assets. We help our state's growing population of citizens aged 55 and over face their distinct legal issues (a whole field of law has arisen called Elder Law.) Witte Law Office will represent your interests in probate court to carry out your loved one's true wishes after they have passed on.

Protecting Your Assets from Tax

We offer complete services for individuals, families and businesses with tax questions and problems. You need good advice on how taxes can affect your life. Witte Law Office will help you plan how to save your hard-earned money with our knowledge of the State and Federal tax code.

Planning Your Business Success

If you are dreaming of forming a business, expanding your up-and-running business, or are looking for a transition plan to pass on all you have worked so hard to build, Witte Law Office has experience, acumen, and a love of entrepreneurial capitalism and its legal environment. We want to help you maximize your business potential.

Guarding Your Real Estate Interests

We help our clients who own real estate solve the various legal issues implicit in owning land. From adverse possession and boundary disputes to land sale agreements and quiet title actions, Witte Law Office help with carefully drafted Deeds and specialty agreements to clarify and protect your rights in the venerable and always intriguing area of modern property law.

Protecting Your Family

We help our clients take care of family or friends as guardians and conservators. Witte Law Office is focused on the rights of families to protect the ones they love.

Focusing on Your Constitutional Rights

Witte Law Office can help you with issues concerning zoning and land use throughout Nebraska.

Engaging Our Community

We are dedicated to serving the Nebraska community. Witte Law Office is involved in influential community organizations— the Havelock Business Association and Kiwanis. We also participate in local community events like the Havelock Fall Festival and Clown Alley.

Our Commitment

When you retain Witte Law Office, we hope to be your lawyer for life. Our chief goal is to help you handle all that life brings.

Where We Practice

Our team has clients from Chadron to Omaha and know how to meet the legal needs of both our urban and rural clients. Witte Law Office knows how important it is to provide competent legal services to our clients who continue to keep our rural areas vital and growing. We love to travel and focus our practice across the state. We know that life's troubles do not always happen during regular business hours, and we often assist clients after hours with time sensitive legal issues.

You may need help right now. We are here to help. Call Witte Law Office (402) 858-2095, or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation right away.