Lincoln Tax Attorneys and Tax Preparation Services

"I am proud to be paying taxes in the United States. The only thing is – I could be just as proud for half the money." — Arthur Godfrey

No sane person enjoys paying taxes. We all want to avoid paying too much. Yet every year the government seems to want to take a bigger bite. Every year our legislators devise new and creative strategies to levy more taxes on more aspects of our lives. Keeping up-to-date on the tax code is essential.

You may be one of the growing population of internet savvy, job holding taxpayers brave enough to file their annual income tax returns online. For others, you may choose a qualified tax preparer. But many need the help of a trained tax attorney. Investors, buyers and sellers of real estate, trust or estate beneficiaries, independent contractors and business owners, or those in need of emergency help all can benefit from advice from the tax attorneys at Witte Law Office (402) 858-2095.


Witte Law Office are here to help you face the tax ramifications of all types of changes in your financial portrait. We represent individuals and businesses in tax controversy matters from filing returns to appearing in tax court. We encourage our clients to take care of tax business now, before things get out of hand.

We painstakingly prepare our clients' tax returns, help them survive tax audits, and advocate for them with the State and the IRS. We answer your questions about tax liability for monumental life events. We will help you protect your income through sound advice and creative asset allocation strategies for personal tax planning, business tax planning and tax litigation. Our knowledgeable attorneys are eager to help you navigate whatever troubled tax waters you find yourself in. Call Witte Law Office at (402) 858-2095.


Witte Law Office have helped many people just like you through tough tax times. Don't slip into denial and delay. We are ready to help you makes sense of the chaos, and we are ready to represent you in tax controversies. We are your attorneys for matters at all levels including audit, administrative, state and federal court proceedings.

We will need to look at all your documents to best serve your interests. Keep careful track of everything delivered to you from the government. Never throw anything out! You can save time and money by keeping your receipts, old tax returns, income statements, bank accounts, or bills; all may be important in saving you money. We know how fast life moves, though, and we can piece together your records to meet your tax requirements.

Income tax is only a part of all the spectrum of taxes you face. The consequences of ignoring or simply forgetting tax liability could be drastic. Call us right away if you are interested in the tax consequences of buying or selling valuable property, hiring employees, inheriting assets, providing for your family, or any if the myriad other tax effects on your bottom line.

Uncle Sam (and his junior cousin Cornhusker Carl) want you!…to pay more taxes! Don't try to stand alone against the ebbing coffers of the Fed or the State. Call Witte Law Office at (402) 858-2095.

Witte Law Office help our client with:

  • Income tax return preparation, for a price no higher than normal experienced tax preparers
  • Documenting tax data for a winning tax audit
  • Offers in compromise to settle IRS tax bills
  • Like kind exchanges to defer tax on gains
  • Tax returns for partnerships, corporations, and LLC's
  • Tax returns for trustees, personal representatives, and guardians
  • Tax returns for employers and business owners
  • Tax forms including 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120-S, 940, 941, and 944
  • State income tax forms
  • State fiduciary and payroll tax forms
  • Tax returns for sole proprietors and independent contractors
  • Tax returns for self-employment tax, unemployment tax, and workers compensation insurance