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Attorney Glen Witte earned his J.D., graduating with distinction, from the University of Nebraska College of Law in 1987, and has practiced in Lincoln ever since. In his established estate planning and probate administration practice, he helps clients throughout Nebraska plan for future events in a way that provides peace of mind now and financial security later.

The Witte Law Office, can also help with urgent legal problems: a car accident, criminal charges, probate dispute or an emergency conservatorship/guardianship situation.

In all of our practice areas, confidentiality and personal attention are extremely important to us. Glen Witte has a knack for making clients feel comfortable when discussing intensely private financial and family matters. Our entire staff cares about your best long-term interests and a favorable resolution to your current legal situation.

Raised on a ranch, Mr. Witte understands the importance of keeping land with loved ones and passing on our legacy and family homes. He will work hard to create an estate plan to limit estate tax liability and prevent creditors from taking your estate.

Glen is also an experienced pilot, and flies his own Piper Cherokee all across Nebraska to attend to clients personally. He will travel anywhere in the state to visit with you in the comfort of your own home or office.

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